Alpine- CU Boulder

Alpine is a heterogeneous supercomputing cluster based primarily on the AMD EPYC “Milan” CPUs with Nvidia A100 GPUs; AMD MI100 GPUs; HDR InfiniBand; and 25 Gb Ethernet. Alpine is jointly funded by the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Colorado Anschutz, Colorado State University, and the National Science Foundation (award 2201538).

To learn more about how to use Alpine, including information on logging in, modules, running jobs, and file systems, visit our Alpine documentation for more details.

Learn more about RMACC Access to Alpine

CUmulus- CU Boulder

CU Research Computing hosts a free-to-use on-premise cloud service, called CUmulus, which supports cases not well-suited for HPC such as webservers, databases, and long-running services.

The CUmulus service includes access to a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which provides users with a logically isolated section of the cloud with a small number of outside routable floating IP addresses. Within this VPC customers will be given an allocation of:

  • CPU cores
  • Memory
  • Storage

which can be used to host virtual machines and volumes to host workloads.

Learn more about CUmulus