The Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium is a collaboration among academic and research institutions located throughout the intermountain states. Our mission is to facilitate the widespread effective use of high-performance computing by:

  • Educating graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, researchers, and industry partners on the use of computational science and high-performance computing.
  • Coordinating multi-institutional efforts to advance research, practice, and education in computational science in order to address important regional problems.
  • Bringing together a broad range of researchers, faculty, and industry partners with a depth of experience and expertise not available at any single institution and facilitate their collaboration in multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional teams.

RMACC is an regional collaborative group housed at the Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship (CRDDS) at the University of Colorado Boulder.

2023-2024 RMACC Board of Directors:

Chair: Shelley Knuth, University of Colorado Boulder
Vice-Chair: Jason Yalim, Arizona State University
Executive Director: Becky Yeager, University of Colorado Boulder

Board Members:
Alana Romanella, University of Colorado Boulder
Ben Nickell, Idaho National Lab
Chris Reidy, University of Arizona

Current RMACC Member Institutions