Accessing Summit

Summit is a new HPC resource for researchers at CU, CSU, and RMACC partners

Key features include

  • 400 TFlops peak performance
  • General compute nodes
  • High-memory nodes
  • GPGPU nodes
  • KNL – Xeon Phi nodes
  • Omni-Path interconnect
  • GPFS scratch filesystem

Allocations for RMACC

  • Researchers at RMACC sites will have access to Summit
  • An allocation of CPU time is required
    • Startup – proposal is not required – just an abstract
    • Project – proposal is required – a committee will review

  • Proposals
    • Brief description of science
    • Computational plan
    • Scaling and optimization
    • What training or support you will need to be successful using Summit

  • We can provide proposal help:

  • Schedule
    • Startup requests will be accepted in October 2016
    • Send request to:
    • Project proposals will be accepted in December 2016
    • Review:

Another Consideration

  • Researchers at RMACC sites might be able to purchase nodes on Summit
  • Send questions or indicate interest to