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The current member institutions include:

Full Members:

Arizona State University- Representative: Gil Speyer
Colorado Department of Public Health/APCD- Representative: Arthur Mizzi
Colorado School of Mines- Representative: Torey Battelle
Colorado State University – Representative: Anura Jayasumana
Idaho National Lab- Representative: Eric Whiting
The National Center for Atmospheric Research- Representative: Thomas Hauser
New Mexico State University- Representative: Diana Dugas
New Mexico Tech- Representative: Joel Sharbrough
NREL – The National Renewable Energy Lab- Representative: Chris Chang
United States Geological Survey (USGS)- Representative: Jeff Falgout
University of Colorado Boulder- Representative: Shelley Knuth
University of Colorado Denver, Downtown- Representative: Joe Malingowski
University of Nevada, Las Vegas- Representative: Joe Lombardo
University of New Mexico- Representative: Patrick Bridges
University of Utah- Representative: Thomas Cheatham
University of Wyoming- Representative: Dylan Perkins
Washington State University- Representative: Rohit Dhariwal

Affiliate Members:

Boise State University- Representative: Kelly Byrne
Brigham Young University- Representative: Ryan Cox
Colorado Mesa University- Representative: Jared Schiffbauer
Colorado State University- Pueblo- Representative: Chris Milliken
Denver University- Representative: Brent Goebel
Idaho State University- Representative: Shannon Kobs
Montana State University- Representative: Sean Cleveland
National Jewish Health- Representative: Tengyao Song
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration- Representative: Forrest Hobbs
Regis University- Representative: Geena Kim
University of Arizona- Representative: Jeremy Frumkin
University of Colorado Denver Anschutz- Representative: Bob Schell
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs- Representative: Qing Yi
University of Montana- Representative: Zach Rossmiller
Western Colorado University- Representative: Forest Mannan