Latest Past Events

University of Colorado Boulder- Research Computing New User Seminar


This training is designed to give you an overview of Research Computing resources, procedures and best practices. You will learn how to log in, request allocations, store and transfer data (including Globus), load software, run a job and ask for help. This is an interactive seminar. To participate in the interactive portion, you must have […]

University of Utah- Introduction to Parallel Computing


In this talk we introduce the shared and distributed parallel computer architectures and the multi-threaded and multi-tasked execution models on these architectures. We follow by listing various programming approaches applicable to multi-threading and multi-tasking. First we discuss the basics of OpenMP and MPI, as used in the Fortran and C/C++ programming languages. Then we follow with […]

University of Utah- Introduction to R


In this  talk an introduction to the R language will be given. We will discuss the following basic R building blocks: R data types, vectors, matrices, list, data frames, functions, control structures In the second part of the talk we will also discuss how to use R on the CHPC clusters, how to install R […]