Presentations from past events can be found here

Wednesday May 20th, 2020
Benchmarking and Enabling Noisy Near-term Quantum Hardware- Nick Bronn

Technology Insights from the HPC & AI Innovation Lab- James Lowey, Garima Kochhar, Lucas Wilson

Basics of HPC- Daniel Trahan

Introduction to Quantum Computing- Gabe Chang, Robert Loredo, Steve Margolis

Building and Deploying Containers for Research Workflows- Andy Monaghan

30 minute panels- GPU Extension to Data Science Tools- Gil Speyer,  HPC Operator Toolkit- Jenett Tillotson and Jon Roberts, Site Update PetaLibary- Jonathon Anderson

Data, Decisions, Discoveries: How HPC, AI, and IoT Together will change the world- Jay Boisseau

The Simplification of Code Porting with Debugging and Performance Analysis Tools- Beau Paisley, Andrew Westergren

Professional Skills for Students- AJ Lauer and Virginia Do

An Evaluation of AWS Glacier Deep Archive for Disaster Recovery- Bill Anderson (No video available)


Thursday May 21st, 2020

High-performance computing and the first black hole image- Jason Dexter

Artificial Intelligence Software Optimization on Intel Xeon Processors- Louie Tsai

Intro to Jetstream- Jeremy Fischer

Intro to NumPy- Wim Cardeon (No video available)

Career Opportunities and Marketing yourself to Employers- Dan Jorgensen, Andrew Westergren, AJ Lauer, Jonathon Anderson, Daniel Trahan

RMACC Women in HPC- Marisa Brazil

Introducing oneAPI and Data Parallel C++ Extensions to the SYCL Standard- Praveen Kundurthy, Ben Odom, Rakshith Krishnappa

30 minute panels- Site Update CU Boulder Hybrid Cloud Resources- Jonathon Anderson and Brett Shouse, Machine-Learning-Enhanced Adaptive-Partitioning Multiscale Simulations-
Hai Lin and Adam Duster, A Data-Driven Operational Model for Traffic at Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport-
Monte Lunacek

Fundamentals of Machine Learning- Jason Yalim

Making the most of your Internship- AJ Lauer and Virginia Do

SIGHPC Symposium: Supporting Users of HPC Systems- Shelley Knuth, Diana Dugas, Anita Orendt, Torey Battelle